Who Is the Holy Spirit?

Who Is Holy Spirit?

who is the holy spirit


Who is the Holy Spirit introduces the Holy Spirit as the love of God personified.  Participants will explore why more Christians don't experience the Holy Spirit in their lives the way he is described in the Scriptures.  We explain how the Spirit empowers and enriches the life of a believer, how to recognize the action of the Holy Spirit, and examine some of the obstacles to receiving new life in the Spirit.  Participants willl be introduced to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit through personal testimony and prayer.

Short Talk

This presentation can be done as a shorter talk (60-90 mins) that walks participants through the material at a quicker pace and provides handouts for them to complete reflection and prayer on their own time.  Suggestions are given on how to apply the insights gained.

Retreat Day

This presentation can also be offered as a longer retreat experience (4-6 hours).  The first half of the day is spent on examining the person of the Holy Spirit.  The second half of the retreat looks at how the Holy Spirit interacts in our daily lives.  The day ends with a prayer experience that encourages participants to pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.


Clip from a talk given as part of a parish day-long retreat on the Holy Spirit at Corpus Christi Parish in Phoenix, AZ. Presenter: Kristin Bird, Executive Director


  • "On Fire with the Holy Spirit"

    The presenter, Kristin, is “on fire” with the Holy Spirit! I am so thankful for her knowledge and stepping out of the way to let the Holy Spirit do his work.

    A Deacon’s wife
    Diocese of Lafayette, LA

  • "Personal relationship with God...in a Catholic Context"

    I was born, raised, baptized, and confirmed Catholic, but never experienced much exposure in the Catholic Church to having a one-on-one relationship with God.  I found myself looking elsewhere to get the 'know how' to learn how to do that.  I  am SO pleased that this study emphasized and focused on our personal relationship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit firmly within a Catholic context.

    Retreat Participant

  • "I never prayed to the Holy Spirit before."

    This retreat helped me grow in my relationship with God.  I loved Kristin's presentations.  I could have listened much longer.  I wish we had more time.  I never prayed to the Holy Spirit before - I don't know why.  Now I'm trying to address him as well as Jesus and God the Father. 

    Retreat ParticipantCorpus Christi Parish - Phoenix, AZ

  • "I felt as if the Holy Spirit was talking directly to me."

    The talks were presented with conviction and I felt deeply as if the Holy Spirit was talking directly to me through the speaker.  My favorite part of the day was finding out I could address the Holy Spirit himself, that he is a person, and then praying for the Holy Spirit to join me in praying with the hands on prayer.  The whole day was a very personal and intimate experience for me. 

    Retreat PartcipantCorpus Christi Parish - Phoenix, AZ

  • "I appreciated this opportunity to grow closer to the Holy Spirit."

    I appreciated this opportunity to grow closer to Jesus Christ, to the Holy Spirit, and to this community. The retreat especially was inspirational and so informative. Kristin Bird, retreat speaker is dynamic.

    Retreat Participant, Corpus Christi ParishPhoenix, AZ

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