Book A Speaker

Book A Speaker

Our team of speakers will come to your parish, school, or organization.  Our speakers are passionate about sharing the joy of learning our faith and applying it to the daily lives of average Catholics.

Let us come and help your group discover a faith that is a relationship with Jesus Christ - who they can come to know intimately and personally. Let us come and help your group discover a faith that can apply to their lives at home, at work, at play.

Catholic Speaker New Evangelization

We offer short talks, formation events, parish missions, and full day retreats on a variety of faith topics.

For more information on booking a speaker, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Short Talks (30 - 60 mins)

Discipleship & Leader Formation

Full Day Retreats & Parish Missions 

We offer parish missions focused on discipleship and evangelization.  We don't do 'canned' missions!   Each one is tweaked, adjusted, and personalized to fit the needs and themes of your parish community.  No two parish missions are ever the same.

  • Wonderfully Created, Wonderfully Redeemed

    Join us for a time of grace and renewal.  Discover how passionate God’s love is for you.  Uncover what it means to be wonderfully created and redeemed by Christ for happiness now and in eternal life. This parish mission will awaken and revitalize your relationship with yourself and Jesus.  Come discover how to effectively invite others into that relationship.

    Created: Becoming Who You Are in Christ

    Recall (or discover for the first time) how passionate God’s love is for you. Uncover what it means to be a human being, wonderfully created, wounded in heart, yet redeemed by Christ for happiness now and in eternal life.  This parish mission will help you experience and encounter Jesus in a new way and give you the opportunity to see yourself the way He sees you. 

    Listen to a sample of a parish mission.

Based on the theme of the talk, each individual who attends will leave with the appropriate Resource Guide. Full of information about the faith, each Guide also includes our curated list of recommended resources (audio, video, web-based, and print) for people at different places in their faith journey (Emerging, Moderate, Strong/High, and Family).


  • "Speaker's conviction came through over and over!"

    There is so much more to learn and absorb - I want another session!  Kristin's conviction that the Theology of the Body is TRUTH was the best part of the day.  It came through over and over.

    Wausau, WI

  • "Provided a lens through which to view my work in pediatrics"

    Wonderful speaker with an incredible depth of knowledge!  As a pediatrcian, I can see that our children have never been more socially, emotionally, and spiritually broken.  This seminar provided a good lens through which to view my day to day work.  It's easy to focus on the negative in my work, but this day gave me a place to start to help with healing.

    Eau Claire, WI

  • "Application to my work in the medical field"

    I loved that we used original source material and engaged with it.  Many of the topics and thoughts presented today helped me expand the application of the Theology of the Body into my work in the medical field.  It has certainly changed I will approach patient care.

    Medical Professional & NFP Speaker
    Diocese of LaCrosse, WI

  • "I wasn't planning to stay, but I couldn't leave!"

    I have been to many conferences and talks in the past 18 years as a DRE.  This was the BEST!  I have heard all the great speakers including Dr. Sri, Scott Hahn, and Jeff Cavins; Kristin is very much as good or better.  I wasn't planning to stay for the entire day.  I was going to help out with hospitality and then go do other work - but I couldn't leave!   Thank you!

    Director of Religious Education
    Diocese of LaCrosse

  • "Gave me the 'why' behind the Church's teachings"

    I loved learning more about the basics of the Theology of the Body!  I was expecting a more detailed teaching on chastity/respect of the body, but this presetntion was so much more meaningful because it gave me the "why" behind the Church's teachings.

    Religious Education Teacher & Parent
    Diocese of LaCrosse

Book A Speaker

We have a number of speakers available for parish missions, formation events, retreats and other faith growth opportunities. Each event is tweaked, adjusted, and personalized to fit the needs and themes of your community. No two are ever exactly the same!



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