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Let us help you discover what it means to have an Intentional Faith!

Improve Your Prayer Life.

Our prayer survey helps you identify your current prayer attitudes and practices. The results can help you set realistic goals for improving your prayer life no matter where you are today. Remember: there are no “perfect prayers” any more than there are perfect people!  The survey is for your use only -- your responses will remain completely confidential and anonymous.

Our prayer plan worksheet can help walk you through the steps to creating your first prayer plan.  In it you will find questions to help you think about your daily schedule, suggestions and examples that have worked for others, and tips for expanding your personal prayer routine into a family routine. Download it today and get started identifying the where, when, and how of your personal prayer plan.


Develop an intentional faith growth plan.

After listening to your needs and your goals, your 1 to 1 Disciple will help you develop your customized 1 to 1 Faith Growth Plan. Your Disciple provides you tools, resources, and support that fit your learning style and meet your goals.

Are you a visual learner? Your Disciple can point you to the right video resources that will help you meet your goals.

Prefer to read? Book and article recommendations are coming your way.

When you subscribe, your 1 to 1 Disciple commits to work with you for 1 year. Once a month, your Disciple follows up to see how things are going, answer questions, and help you assess if you are on track to meet your goals.

Because your 1 to 1 Faith Growth Plan is personalized to your schedule, you decide the timeline. If you have a half hour commute to work, we’ll suggest resources and tools that will help you make the most of your drive time. Have 5 minutes to drink coffee and pray before the kids get up in the morning? Your Disciple can provide resources that will teach you how to read and pray Scripture using those 5 minutes. Your faith growth goals are individualized to fit within your schedule.


Join Our Online Community.

The Burning Hearts Disciples Blog is a place where you will find faith-based reflections on current events, reviews on the newest Catholic resources, and is the heart of the Burning Hearts community.  Explore topics that are of interest to you and join the conversation with other Catholics who are trying to grow in friendship with Christ amidst a busy life.

You can also participate in the Burning Hearts community on social media and through our email newsletter:

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Please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know exactly how we can help you grow your personal faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.

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