Our Team

Our Team

We at Burning Hearts are passionate about equipping, training, and supporting Catholics to live out the New Evangelization through the art of accompaniment.   We help Catholics deepen their relationship with Jesus and the Church, and inspire within them the confidence to go and share their faith with others.  Burning Hearts Disciples specializes in supporting busy people overwhelmed by a secular culture who desire to grow in their faith.

We invite you to discover that your Catholic faith is more than just a theory or set of teachings. Come and discover a faith that is a relationship with Jesus Christ - who you can come to know intimately and personally.  Come and discover a faith that can apply to your life at home, at work, and at play. Come and discover the joy.

Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson

President - Board of directors

Married 35+ years, with 4 grown children and 9 grandchildren (and counting!), Steve is a retried executive from an international food company.  His experience with strategic planning, personnel growth and development, and project management provided the background for him to co-found Burning Hearts Disciples. Steve is an experienced international speaker having provided technical and personal development training and guidance for groups around the world. Steve is recognized as a leader in personal development, learning and improvement plans as well as a valued mentor to promising future leaders for the organization.

brian headshot

Brian Hellmann

Vice President - Board of directors

Through his work in various leadership roles within industry Brian brings with him over 25 years of extensive business management, strategic planning and leadership experience. His deep love of our Lord and the Catholic church is demonstrated by many years of participation in various church ministries. Brian and his wife Jill have been blessed with a joy-filled marriage of over 30 years including two daughters and two grandchildren. He has a passion for the New Evangelization and a dedication to sharing the richness of the Catholic faith, in particular as it relates to preparing families and young adults to meet the challenges of a secular world.

Maureen Anderson

Maureen Anderson

secretary/treasurer - Board of Directors

Maureen is a wife, mother of 4, and grandmother of 9. She has devoted her life to her faith and family. Over the years, she has served in numerous church leadership roles, from co-chair of parish council to developing a pre-school religious education program. Her work experience has included accounting, payroll and purchasing agent. She was blessed to be part of a growing food pantry north of Chicago as it became one of the largest in Lake County, IL. As she has been growing in her faith, she has felt a burning desire to answer Jesus’ call to “go and make disciples”. (Mt:29) She is full of anticipation to see what He has in store for her through the apostolate of Burning Hearts!

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Jean Buffington

Board Member

Married for 40 years and the devoted mother of 3 sons, Jean has been active in her parish community all of her adult life. She has served both the church and school in various capacities including teaching, program development and fundraising. In addition, Jean has served as a Board Member for the local Right to Life and volunteered for many years at the community hospital and food pantry. Her work experience includes several years in retail management as well as real estate marketing and sales. Jean's love for her faith and commitment to her family have been her source for strength and guidance throughout her life.

Tony Bird

Tony Bird

Board Member

Husband, father, outdoorsman, coach, teacher, and leader - Tony's desire to serve others can be seen in each of the many roles he has. With a master's degree in Educational Leadership, he values lifelong learning and wants to help those around him better themselves. A convert to Catholicism, he is regularly astounded and inspired (and a little intimidated) by the depth and breadth of the Church's teaching and tradition. He brings a valuable perspective to Burning Hearts Disciples and desires to help keep all of the apostolate's discussions, writings, and methods grounded in the lived experience of Catholics trying to live their faith in the world around them.

Kristin headshot

Kristin Bird

Executive Director

Kristin is a national Catholic speaker with over 15 years of experience in professional ministry and a Master's degree in Pastoral Studies. Kristin's gift of teaching and passion for the faith enable her to craft dynamic talks and retreat experiences that demonstrate how Scripture and Tradition are relevant to our daily lives. She has inspired youth and adults around the country to learn more about their faith and to live it more deliberately. She and her husband Tony have 3 children and live in Oshkosh, WI. “Trying to set the world ablaze in the frozen tundra (Luke 12:49).”

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