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Continue the JourneyWe'll meet you where you
are on your faith journey,
help you plan for the next leg,
and walk with you down the road.
Learning about the Catholic faith and how it applies to your life can be truly exciting! 

Unfortunately, we encounter adults every day who have tried to grow in their faith, but have run into a variety of obstacles:  poorly taught classes, books written over their heads, theory that doesn't seem to apply to their daily lives, Bible studies that focus more on gossip than Scripture, lack of time, being unsure which Catholic magazine, news source, or blog you can trust, and more. 

Some have shared that they don't have the time to comb through the thousands upon thousands of Catholic books, CDs and videos available to find the one that fits their needs.  Others are parents whose children are beginning to ask questions that they feel wholly unprepared to answer.

Whether you have been away from the Catholic Church, want to become Catholic, or desire to grow in a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the Catholic faith, we can provide you tools, resources, and support that fit your needs and your schedule.

We invite you to discover that your Catholic faith is more than just a theory or set of teachings. Come and discover a faith that is a relationship with Jesus Christ - who you can come to know intimately and personally.  Come and discover a faith that can apply to your life at home, at work, and at play.

Come and discover the joy.

1to1Faith Growth Plan

Faith Growth Plan Pricing Details

BH-volunteer-icon red  STEP 1: Meet Your Burning Hearts Disciple

 As individuals we can easily go astray when we are left to our own devices. That's one of the reasons why we are called to grow in faith together as members of a community. In the context of community, our understanding of the faith can be guided by insights and experiences of multiple people rather than the narrow perceptions we can create for ourselves.  

Your Burning Hearts Disciple desires to build a Christ-centered relationship with you while sharing the Catholic Faith.  Your Disciple is not a counselor or spiritual director.  Instead, think of your Disciple as an accountability partner and a sounding board.  He or she will help you set goals, suggest resources, check in with you regularly, and help find answers to your questions.  More on the Burning Hearts Disciples

Iron is sharpened by iron; one person sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17

BH-survey-icon red  Step 2: Take The Surveys

We have two survey tools available to help you and your Burning Hearts Disciple create your Plan.  The first is the Burning Hearts Survey - a no pressure, get-to-know-you questionnaire that helps us learn about:

  • your family and background
  • your hobbies and interests,
  • your learning styles
  • your relationship with your parish, and
  • your schedule and the amount of time you have each week to work on faith growth. 

The Burning Hearts Survey helps identify which types of resources (audio, video, web-based, print) are best for you and comes with a list of recommended resources that fit your schedule and learning style.  Take the Burning Hearts Survey (no cost, no commitment)

The second tool is a standardized and comprehensive questionnaire (the IFG) designed to help you identify:

  • what you know about your faith,
  • your faith habits, and
  • your desired areas of growth.

The results will help you and your Disciple get a baseline reading that the two of you together will use to track your growth.

BH-contact-us-icon red  STEP 3: Develop Your  1to1red Faith Growth Plan

 Using the results of the two assessments, you and your Burning Hearts Disciple will develop your personalized and customized 12 month learning plan.  Together, you will identify your faith growth goals and create a suggested routine and schedule for you that fits into your life. 

Faith growth and discipleship work best within the context of community - your Plan will also help you develop meaningful Christ-centered relationships with your community of peers, your family, and your parish community.

As you work through your plan over the next 12 months, your Burning Hearts Disciple will check in with you on a regular basis - the frequency and method of communication determined by you.

BH-book-icon red  Step 4: access your resources

 Each 12 month Faith Growth Plan subscription includes access to select resources that will help you on your journey. 

No need to comb through Amazon or wander aimlessly through your local Catholic bookstore wondering which book, pamphlet, DVD, or CD is right for you!   Your Disciple will be able to make resource recommendations based on your learning styles and the goals you've identified in your Faith Growth Plan.  

No need to waste time with a resource that doesn't quite meet your needs!  Your Disciple will also be able to make additional resources recommendation as needed throughout the 12 months.

BH-survey-icon red  Step 5: evaluate your progress

At the end of your 12 months, you'll take the IFG survey and the survey again.  The results will help you to see where you've made progress and identify future areas for growth.  After an interview with your Disciple to review your growth, you can renew your Plan subscription and continue on your journey for another 12 months!

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